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law, known as sharia law, including prohibiting interest payments, meaning that no interest will be charged on money invested. gambling is not allowed, investments have to be designed against speculation. , thingsings not allowed like alcohol, pornography, things like that. we will have more on that in just about one hours time. one of the most valuable technology companies in the world, easily one of the most recognizable right there. they reported their quarterly numbers on monday, the company continued to be extremely profitable, but not by as much as analysts and experts were hoping for. they ended their year with their first yearly earnings decline in 11 years. despite the overall drop in profits, apple managed to sell our record 33.8 million iphones over the past three months, an increase of more than 25%. analysts were also disappointed by forward guidance, you cannot please them. apple says future profits may continue to slide in the next few months, which will be crucial. then the all-important holiday shopping season is looming. the new social bank governor in indi
a now familiar error message. republicans have used the problems to paint the health care law as a failure. >> obamacare was signed into law 1256 days ago. and since then, there have been user problem after user problem after user problem. >> and they demanded to know who is to blame. >> who is responsible for overseeing this project? is it you or your designee? >> hold me accountable. i am responsible. >> the white house has defended the law is one of the great policy achievements. it will take strong presidential leadership to fix the existing problem. >> this is bbc world news. international inspectors say all of syria's chemical weapons agreement has been destroyed. the number of people unemployed in the eurozone, trees -- countries hits a record high, more than 12% of the workforce. new york city has become the first major city in the u.s. to raise the minimum age for buying cigarettes and other tobacco products to 21. according to the city's health department, some 19,000 high school students under the age of 18 currently smoke in new york and 80% of smokers start before
. >>> japanese prime minister shizo abe has sent a controversial bill to the diet. if made into law, it would impose heavier punishments on people who leak state secrets. some journalists say the legislation would infringe on freedom of the press and limit the public's right to know. nhk world's hoshitaka hurauchi reports. >> reporter: japanese prime minister shinzo abe wants something president barack obama has, a national security council. if he gets it he wants to share crucial information with the u.s. and other allies but he's been pressed to toughen up laws to protect against intelligent leaks. >> translator: it's important that legal framework designed to protect national security information is put in place in the interest of making sure that the national security council can conduct its discussions effectively. >> reporter: the state secrets bill would enable heads of government offices, such as ministers, to designate information related to national security as classified. only ministers, vice ministers, parliamentary secretaries, and approved public servants would handle that infor
this for their children. what we don't like about this law is that why on the one hand it has provided a lot of visibility of intersex issues and that's welcomed. it does not address the surgery asks the medical of intersex. there has to be an amendment to this law. >> let me press you there on the politics of this. how difficult has it been to get even this far in germany? >> this was a unanimous vote. so it wasn't too difficult to get this part. what prove to be more difficult is to address with a we would like to have addressed and for society to open up the sex diversity and include intersex people. >> thank you very much for joining us, sylvan from belgium. >> now it's canada where the mayor of toronto says he has no reason to resign. that's after police said they have uncovered a video which seems to show him smoking from a crack pipe. he previously denied the existence of the video. when journals reported it in may that's after they said they saw it but it was after they made public. lee carter reports from toronto. >> this is the way rob ford's day started. the populous toronto mayor who has alway
strength is the engagement in the field of democracy and rule of law. we don't not -- we do not want to look away from the hard and difficult questions. something in which we did an event with all of the experiences of the commonwealth , modern provinces on reconciliation, together coming together. engagement is the commonwealth's way, but what have you got to show for it here? the chief justice who has been sacked, you knew that yourself. journalists critical of the government disappearing, what have you actually got to show for all of this engagement? >> as far as it is concerned, statements to the effect that this was not in keeping with the prepared with an analysis. we prepared recommendations that are now consistent with the community and the parliament. >> so, months after, nothing has happened, that is the bottom line, is it not? >> we have been working for nine months. i think a lot has happened. >> you say you have tried to engage. what can you show me has >>pened as a result of that? recommendations at the present point of time. >> the united nations has said that there is
laws. that is a big dilemma. we are concerned that this may mean that more people continue to use drugs and there will be more dealing in the area. >> we have been out on patrol with police and it's clear that despite the efforts to clear up the neighborhood, there is still work to be done. officers admit it has been a real change directing people to places where people can take drugs. police to believe this idea could work across europe. perhaps not to solve the continents drug problem but as a key part of the solution. countries, opinion is split whether that anus concept is really a good one. in britain, not everyone supports drug fixing rooms. i'm joined by the chief executive of a group called focus 12, rehabilitation center, prompting -- promoting abstinence. uk, we have spent so much money and given so much time to the provision of methadone prescribing that we have not got the resources or the money that we could set aside for consumption rooms. consumption rooms cost about one million pounds. about uk that equates to 150 people going through a rehabilitation program. as your p
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6